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The History Behind Our Eyelashes Company

No matter you’ve had the lashes brand already or you are starting off a lashes brand, you can always contact us for detailed information.

Muses Lashes is a sub-brand of Muses Beauty, which is aimed to establish a standard for exporting good beauty products manufactured in China. And lashes is the product to start with. The company was founded in 2017 by integrating the following teams.

Meet Our Teams

Producing Team
Producing Team
The lashes producing line was combined with 3 lashes factories which have been manufacturing lashes since 1990s. Products including Mink lashes, Silk lashes, Faux mink lashes, Faux human hair lashes and lash extensions.
The custom Packaging producing line was formed with advanced equipment and experienced workers. Could do almost all kinds of packages.
Sales Team
Sales Team
All the salesmen were trained in the producing department for learning how the lashes are made so that they got the ability for explaining the questions asked by customers.
Design Team
Design Team
There are professional designers for custom packaging designs and marketing designs.

R&D Team

The team members were selected from sales team and producing team. Salesmen are in charge of collecting feed-backs from customers to find out the market preference, while lash-makers focus on finding most suitable materials. Together, they make it possible to updating lashes styles all the time.

QC Team

There is no such product with no problem at all, but strict quality control would avoid most of the problems. With QC team, we could promise refund or replacement for any quality issue.