How A Pair of Lashes Changes Everything?

How A Pair of Lashes Changes Everything?

The first time I fall in love with lashes is not the first time I saw them, but the first time I tried them on.

My eyes are not even, one is double-fold eyelids and another one is single-fold eyelid. I was so upset because it’s so difficult for me to do perfect eye makeups, until I tried to use a pair of regular mink lashes.

One of my eyes is single-fold eyelid is because the muscle in the eyelid is not strong enough to hold double-fold eyelids. The lashes band gives it more power, therefore, the single-fold eyelid becomes double-fold eyelids, which makes my eye makeup perfect.

a pair of lashesa pair of lashes

Not all people like me having uneven eyes, but it doesn’t mean they don’t need a pair of lashes. Because a pair of lashes makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. As followed are 2 photos that shows the same model with and without lashes,you decide if you need a pair of lashes!

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