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As follows are the lashes styles that customers love most, and you’ll see perfect 3d effect and the fluffiness of lashes from the front view and you could also see how will the lashes look like on eyes. Always send a quote for more detailed pictures and videos.

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As follows are some real-life pictures for lashes catalogs. This is the latest version of Plant Fiber Lashes, you could choose the styles you like, and send a quote for more detailed pictures and videos. Samples are available for your testing as well. 

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You may have your own lashes styles already, and if you want to match your current lashes styles, you can just send pictures to our sales representives, and we’ll make you samples to check.

And if you want some other styles that are not from our catalog, you can also send picture to our sales representives, because the styles in the catalog are just some popular styles, we make almost all styles of lashes in the market. 

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