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We’ll help you produce reputable magnetic eyelashes by private labelling your logo, customizing your packaging and logo, even customizing the magnetic lashes.

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Wholesale Magnetic Lashes We Offer

According to the quantities of magnets on lashes band

10 magnetic eyelashes
20 magnetic eyelashes

According to the material of lashes hair

faux mink magnetic eyelashes
3d mink magnetic eyelashes

According to the 3d effect of lashes

fluffy magnetic eyelashes
natural magnetic eyelashes

According to the layers of magnetic strip lashes

thin magnetic eyelashes
thick magnetic eyelash

According to the lengths of lashes hair

long magnetic eyelash
short/ small magnetic eyelash

Whoever You Are in Lash Business Chain

Brand Owners

Customers who owns a lashes brand already and looking for better supplier or products.

We own 3 lashes factories and have been manufacturing lashes since 1990s, which made us a reliable supplier. You could always check samples to test the quality and we are able to do samples to match your current styles. 


Customers who wants to start their lashes business with own brand.

We have professional sales team to help you select the products that match your market, and our designers could do boxes designs for your own brand.


Customers who wants to order order in a small quantity to resell.

We have certain products in stock, could supply with low MOQ and be ready to sent shortly. 

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Museslashes own 3 lashes factories that have been manufacturing lashes since 1990s, and making various styles for strip lashes, which are popular in recent years. We have a packaging production line which could do almost all kinds of packagings, and the box design could be made by our designers. Museslashes supply lashes glue and lashes applicators as well.  we’ve been supplying for customers from over 50 countries.


What’s the difference between mink and faux mink eyelashes?

What’s the difference

What’s the difference between mink and faux mink eyelashes?
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Worth it?

Are they just some gimmicks?

Worth It?

Are they just some gimmicks?
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How to Find?

How to find the perfect Magnetic Lashes? !

How to find

How to find the perfect Magnetic Lashes?
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Private Label

Private label is a low-cost business mode

Private Label

Private label is a low-cost business mode
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What’s the difference between real mink magnetic eyelashes and faux mink magnetic eyelashes?

According to the material of lashes hair, magnetic eyelashes can be classified as real mink magnetic lashes and false mink magnetic eyelash

Real mink magnetic eyelash are made of real mink hair, which is animal hair. While faux mink magnetic eyelashes are made of synthetic hair, which is totally vegan. Both of them could have perfect 3D effect to look glamorous on eyes, however, false mink material could be much lighter, which makes faux mink magnetic eyelash much lighter than real mink magnetic eyelashes. As we all know, there are at least 10 pcs of magnets on a pair of magnetic eyelashes which makes it a little bit heavier than normal strip lashes already, and also magnetic eyelashes are applied to eyes by magnetic eyeliner which is not as sticky as glue, so lighter magnetic eyelashes holds better on eyes. 

In that case, faux mink hair is better for making magnetic eyelashes than real mink hair. That’s why faux mink magnetic eyelashes are more popular in the market.

How could we find perfect magnetic lashes for ourself?

As we described in last article, magnetic eyelashes are the combination of strip lashes and certain magnets, so the full name for this kind of eyelash should be magnetic strip eyelashes.According to the material of lashes hair, there are mainly 2 kinds : 3d mink magnetic eyelashes and faux mink magnetic eyelash. We will talk about the detailed differences in next article, here we just need to know that 3d mink magnetic eyelashes are made of animal hair and faux mink lashes are made of synthetic hair. You could choose by your preference for hair material.

  • According to the quantities of magnets on lashes band, there are usually 10 magnetic eyelash (5 magnets on each lash band, 10 for a pair) and 20 magnetic eyelashes (10 magnets on each lash band, 20 for a pair). Technically, the more magnets on lashes band, the better lashes fit eyes. So we normally recommend 20 magnetic eyelash rather than 10 magnetic .
  • According to the 3d effect of lashes, there are usually fluffy magnetic eyelashes and natural magnetic eyelashes. Fluffy magnetic eyelashes are usually full and have dramatic 3d effect, so it’s more suitable for some occasions like parties.While, natural looking magnetic eyelashes are more suitable for daily use like work or date.
  • According to the layers of magnetic strip lashes, there are thick magnetic eyelash which have 6-8 layers and thin magnetic eyelashes which have 2-4 layers. Thick magnetic lashes are heavier and fluffier than thin magnetic eyelash, so usually thick usually come with fluffy and thin usually come with natural when describing lashes. So you can choose the lashes according to the occasions.
  • According to the lengths of lashes hair, there are usually long magnetic eyelash and short/ small . Long magnetic eyelash look better on big eyes while short/ small magnetic eyelash fit better on small eyes.

All in all, from the 5 aspects above, you should be able to find the suitable magnetic eyelashes for yourself, but I would say, there is no rule for finding yourself a pair of perfect magnetic eyelashes, because what you like is the perfect one!

How to create your own magnetic lashes brand?

Magnetic lashes are quite popular now in the market, and many of you may wanted to start a lashes business by creating your own brand for magnetic eyelash. In thisarticle, I’m going to guide you how to create your own magnetic eyelash brand.

Step 1: Think of a brand name and create a logo for your brand.

  • The first thing that represent your own brand is your brand name, and a particular logo will give an deep impression to consumer about your brand. So to create a brand, you’ll need to think of a brand name firstly and then make a logo for it. The easiest way for a logo design is combining brand name in a special font with a related image like an eye sketching together. If you could make the logo design by Illustrator yourself, that would be the best. If you can’t, there are 2 options. The first one is looking for a designer and pay for a logo design. The advantage is you’ll be able to get the original file of logo that you could use for other products in the future when you wanted to expand your own brand, while the disadvantage is that it may cost a lot for a starter who has limited budget on starting a lashes business. Then you may go with another option which is asking for logo design service from the eyelash supplier you choose. That’s usually free of charge, but you could only use the logo when you order from them, they won’t give you the original file for the logo, so if you wanted to use the logo for other products in the future, you’ll need to pay for the logo design to get the original file. 

Step 2: Do some research about magnetic eyelash

  • To sell magnetic lashes, you’ll need to know what is magnetic eyelashes, what are the materials used, how they are being classified, and what kind of magnetic eyelash are suitable for what occasions etc. You could look up mu previous articles to have a general understanding on magnetic eyelash. Then you’d better check out some hot brands of magnetic eyelash, and find out the lashes styles customers usually like so that you would know what’s popular in the market.    

Step 3: Select and cooperate with a reliable supplier.

  • Once you’ve had a general understanding on magnetic eyelasheyelash, you could search some key words like magnetic eyelash supplier /magnetic eyelash manufacturer on Google to find out some suppliers. And then sending inquiry to talk about details. You can compare prices, quality, custom service etc, and then select a reliable supplier to work with. About the things you need to talk with the suppliers, you could check out on following part of purchasing process.

Step 4: Purchasing process.

  • Once you get intouched with a sales of a eyelashes supplier, you could firstly ask for a catalog to choose the styles you like, and if you wanted some certain styles that are not in their catalog, you could ask if they could make samples for the styles you want. Usually a reliable supplier could do almost all kinds of eyelashes styles in the market. Usually the sales will quote you a price ranges based on different order quantities.
  • Then you could order some samples and related samples like magnetic eyeliner and lashes care kit. Usually suppliers offer certain quantity of eyelashes as free samples, you just need to pay for the extra quantity and the shipping cost. You can test out the samples, and compare the quality and prices from different suppliers, and then choose a reliable one.
  • Once you confirm the samples, you could talk about the box design with the sales. Usually suppliers have their own designers, and you could choose a box style from the catalog they provide or you can ask for totally customization based on your requests. It depends on your budget: if you wanted to start with a small quantity, there are usually some premade boxes for you to choose, and your logo can be printed on boxes. Because if you want the whole box design be totally customized, the minimum order quantity could be quite large for a starter who has limited budget.
  • You’ll be able to figure out the order quantity when you talk about the box design, and you can place the order once you confirmed the box design. Usually the sales will make you an order on some third-party platform like Alibaba or Paypal, and ten send you a link for payment, or you could directly pay by western union or T/T. the supplier will arrange producing after you confirm and pay for the order, and you’ll need to wait for 2-5 weeks to receive the order. They should be keeping you updated with the producing process, and then send you the tracking number when the shipment is sent.
  • Check the shipment out after you receive it, and take photos or videos for the products to sell.

By now, you’ve created your own eyelash brand. To learn more about the marketing staff, you are able to get your business booming.

Are magnetic lashes really worth it?

In recent years, magnetic false eyelashes have became more and more popular and occupied a quite big share of strip lashes market. Are magnetic eyelash really worth it? Or are they just some gimmicks?

First of all, let’s see what are magnetic eyelashes and what are they designed for. Magnetic eyelashes are a kind of strip lashes which contains certain amount magnets on eyelashes band. Those magnets are the key to apply false eyelashes to replace eyelashesglue, as some people are easily to get allergic reaction when applying glueclose to their eye area. At the very beginning, magnetic eyelash work bysandwiching your natural lash between two magnetic eyelash strips: With the topstrip, you line up the outside of the lash with the outer edge of your lashline. Next, you bring the bottom lashes to meet the top and when they are close enough — click — the magnets snap together and then magnetic lashes are appliedto your eyes successfully. It seems simple, but actually requires some skillsthat top lash strip will inevitably fall on the ground, and the bottom onewon’t snap into place etc. To be more user-friendly, magnetic eyelash got upgraded by adding a new product into the kitmagnetic eyeliner, and reducethe magnetic lashes strips into one lash strip per eye. Magnetic eyeliner is comprised of iron oxides so that the magnets on magnetic eyelash band can stick together with the magnetic eyeliner. It’s quite easy for applying: Firstly draw on magnetic eyeliner along the edge of your natural lash line, wait for around 45 seconds, and then apply the magnetic eyelashes accordingly. From the reviews on Amazon regarding magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner, most of consumers find it’s easy to apply and many people will consider using magnetic eyelashes to replace traditional false eyelashes which need to be applied by eyelashes glue.

In my point of view, magnetic eyelashes has became a trendy product is not some gimmicks, it does

work user-friendly and safe enough compared with eyelashes glue.

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